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Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing? Here’s the Right Way to Provide Access to Your Facebook & Instagram Page and Ad Account

How to provide access of Facebook page and instagram

With many customers, we faced issues in providing access because they either didn’t know about the process or, if they did, they were unable to extend access due to a lack of information about who created their ad account or business page and who the business admin was. Despite being the best social media marketing agency, we wasted a lot of time navigating these challenges. To help others facing similar difficulties, we decided to write about this topic and provide a comprehensive guide on how to give access to your Meta page and ad account effectively.

What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite, formerly known as Facebook Business Suite, is a powerful platform that allows businesses to manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts from a single, centralized location. It offers tools for posting, messaging, advertising, and analyzing performance across both platforms. By using Meta Business Suite, businesses can streamline their social media management, enhance security, and gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts.

How to Access Meta Business Suite

Getting started with Meta Business Suite is simple. Follow these steps:

      • Log in to Facebook: Use your personal Facebook account that has administrative rights to your business page.

      • Navigate to Meta Business Suite: You can find it directly at or through the Facebook menu.

      • Set Up Your Business: If you haven’t already, create your business account by following the on-screen instructions. This involves adding your business details and connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

    Once set up, you can start managing your pages, ad accounts, and more from the Meta Business Suite.

    Meta Ad Account vs. Meta Page

    Understanding the difference between a Meta Ad Account and a Meta Page is crucial:

        • Meta Page: This refers to your Facebook business page where you post content, engage with followers, and build your community.

        • Meta Ad Account: This is used specifically for managing and running ads on Facebook and Instagram. It includes tools for creating, managing, and analyzing ad campaigns.

      Providing access to your Meta Page allows the agency to manage content and interactions, while access to your Meta Ad Account lets them handle advertising campaigns.

      Granting Access Without Ad Account Access

      Did you know an agency can still run campaigns without direct access to your ad account? Instead, they can use their own ad account if they have access to your Business Page. This setup allows them to manage ads and content directly, ensuring your marketing efforts remain seamless and efficient without compromising security.

      Dealing with Access Requests and Approval

      When granting access, you might encounter a message indicating that your request is pending approval by the Business Admin. This means you have partial access, and the page or ad account is under another Meta Business portfolio. Here’s how to handle this:

          1. Identify the Business Admin: Find out who the Business Admin is within your organization or the previous manager of your account. Only they can approve full access.

          1. Request Access from the Admin: Contact the admin to approve your request. They can do this from their Meta Business Suite account.

          1. Claim Your Ad Account: If the Business Admin has left the organization and is no longer accessible, you can claim your ad account. When you click on the “Add” button under the “Ad Account” option, you’ll see an option to claim an existing ad account.


        Using Meta Business Suite to grant access to your business pages and ad accounts ensures a secure and efficient collaboration with your social media marketing agency. Understanding the roles of Meta Pages and Ad Accounts and knowing how to handle access requests can help you maintain control and streamline your social media management.

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